This circular cabin is like no other – you'll love the cheerful bedroom

One of the things we love the most about log cabins is their individuality. Silo Studio in Tyringham, Maryland, is one of the most unique log homes we have ever seen. This former sculptor's studio has a rare circular design while the well-aged wood paneling creates a delightful rustic aesthetic unlike any other.
Listed for vacation rental purposes on Airbnb, Silo Studio has a simple floor plan with a bedroom on the upper floor. If we look at the cabin from a distance, we can see how the upstairs wall of glass creates a light filled sleeping chamber. Shall we explore a little further?
Silo Studio is set in well-manicured gardens with a lush green lawn surround. We enter the cabin via a quaint terrace which is perfect for quiet reflection.
The cabin has a simple layout with rustic tiled flooring and wood-paneled walls.
The sitting area is centered around a cozy window seat. The cabin has a nice antique wood burning stove which will easily heat this ample-sized living space.
Silo Studio has a simple kitchenette which features a sink, a refrigerator, a microwave, and a coffeemaker.
The dining table sits next to the old-fashioned lead-lined window for great natural light.
Upstairs, we find a spacious bedroom which houses an attractive four-poster bed.
The circular design of the house makes for an interesting aesthetic when viewed from outside, and a different living experience from within.
The sweeping mill windows create a light-filled bedroom which is a pleasure to wake up in. By night, it is perfect for star gazing.
Large wooden shutters on the windows allow plenty of air to freshen the home.
The cabin has a single bathroom which is finished in a much brighter tone than the rest of the house. The lighter tones in the wood paneling create a clean and attractive wash space.
This cabin is truly like no other we have ever seen. Personally, I really like this strange and unique home.
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