Log home's entryway is gorgeous, but the inside will excite any rustic home enthusiast

A log home as an opportunity to escape to peaceful, natural settings, but the real essence of the lifestyle is in the actual building, and more specifically, in the wood. This gorgeous log home was designed and built by West Coast Log Homes and displays a stunning use of flared cedar posts in the entryway, giving the cabin a unique and interesting character.
Located in the quiet town of Gibsons, British Columbia, this relatively smaller log home is idyllically situated for waterfront views. We enter the house via the attractive carport, which is constructed with a variety of materials, including wooden posts with stone bases and a tiled floor.
The well-appointed house has an ample-sized floor plan with an open concept living area. The attractive stone fireplace will easily heat the home during the colder months, while the glass doors open for a seamless indoors/outdoors flow during summer.
The rear of the house has a covered deck area which is great for outdoor dining or simply relaxing, enjoying the views of the lake.
Despite this home being smaller than many on the market, the kitchen is remarkably roomy, with plenty of cupboards and ample space to move around. The stainless steel appliances add a welcomed modern touch to the room.
The dining room also benefits from plenty of breathing space. The commanding wall of windows serve fantastic vistas of the lake, while also ensuring the home is lit with plenty of natural light.
The loft space is open to below and benefits from the attractively interwoven beams of the cathedral ceiling.
Taking a look at the home from outside, you can see how the sheer volume of windows on the rear of the house gives the residents gorgeous nature views from pretty much everywhere in the home.
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