Explore rustic living in a perfect little cabin that comes with the most gorgeous surprise

Americans, we love to travel. It is difficult to imagine a modern citizen who hasn't visited at least five of our United States, but few of us can claim to have visited our most remote — and probably the most naturally spectacular — of all our 50 states.
Nautique Sky is located 28 miles north of Fairbanks, Alaska, and offers a rustic off-grid cabin experience like nowhere else in America. During the winter, the cabin is bejeweled by the awesome spectacle of the Northern Lights — majestic!
Listed on Airbnb, the ample-sized cabin sits in a beautiful field of wildflowers, with a simple, wide deck offering access to the inside.
The perfect retreat for a true Alaskan experience, the cabin is a genuine rustic space. With no electricity, the home is romantically lit by gas lamps and, as is typical of the lifestyle in Fairbanks, is served by an outhouse.
The simple cabin complements the rugged outdoors getaway. A well-equipped kitchen is ideal for quick meal preparation, and a fold-out sofa puts capacity at four adults.
The robust wood-burning fire easily heats this snug cabin. The table seats four, while the glass doors open the house to the deck area for outdoors dining.
The good-sized floor plan is easy to heat but isn't too small for four adults to comfortably move around. The stairs lead to the loft bedroom.
The loft has a generous footprint, housing a large queen-size bed. Windows at the front and back allow plenty of light in and provide stunning countryside views.
Good morning — welcome to Alaska!
Lit by gas lamps, this simple sleeping space will be welcoming at night.
Back outside, we find a wood-burning cedar hot tub located a few steps away.
Check out aurora borealis in full bloom!
Not for the faint-hearted, the cabin has a secluded outhouse. Yep, genuine rustic living this far north...
Having said that, it's not so bad when your walk to the bathroom is lit by the dazzling northern lights.
Oh, Alaska. Someday I have to go. It's so powerful, and only for the truly dedicated.
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