Check out a rustic cabin with a living room straight out of a movie set

This wood and stone cabin looks a little different from the ones we typically expect. That's because it isn't located in the United States but rather in Spain, and so it's a different cultural interpretation of a log cabin in comparison to the typical American log home.
Known as Vila Vento, this rustic getaway is located in the tiny village of O Pino, in the outer edges of Santiago in the northwest of Spain. The north of Spain is renowned for many abundant nature areas, this cabin sitting among gorgeous farmlands, ancient forests of oak trees and gentle trout streams.
Listed on HomeAway for vacation rental purposes, the cabin has two bedrooms, one bathroom and a living room with enormous picture windows. Shall we take the tour?
The cabin is an attractive amalgamation of wood and stone, combining beautifully to create a welcoming, rustic aesthetic. The generous patio sweeps around the house, giving plenty of space to enjoy the fine Spanish weather.
Inside the cabin, we find a cozy sitting room that benefits from an entire corner of picture windows. They create a sweeping panorama of the lush green lawn, essentially decorating the home with nature views.
The cabin has an ample-sized floor plan that is finished with hardwood floors and wood paneling on the walls and ceiling.
An antique wood-burning stove puts out plenty of heat and easily warms this cozy living space — perfect for those winter months.
The kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator, freezer, oven, gas stove and microwave. The island serves as a psychological barrier dividing the space in this open-concept floor plan.
The main bedroom is a clean, bright space with whitewashed walls. Attractive rustic furniture finishes the room perfectly, including a robust queen-size bed.
The second bedroom is furnished with twin beds, which can easily be pushed together for a couple.
The bathroom is a modern, clean space that includes a bath and shower. Although bearing a contemporary style, it doesn't appear out of place in this rustic abode.
The cabin sits in a gorgeous garden with a lush green lawn, beautiful trees and well-manicured flower borders.
Stepping outside of Vila Vento, we find the incredibly attractive terrain of Spain's historic north.
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