Take a look inside an ancient cabin with a shockingly sleek and up-to-date interior

Staying in a log cabin is the kind of vacation for those with a true adventurer's spirit. A cabin is a gateway to the natural world — a vacation far removed from the idea of a large all-inclusive hotel with a resort-style swimming pool and onsite activities.
This old timber cabin takes the idea of adventure to the extreme and is only for the serious adventurers who want to discover a land far removed from what they are used to. Listed for rental on Airbnb, this rustic cabin is located in Geilo, Norway, and acts as a perfect base for access to Hardangervidda National Park and its ski trails.
The cabin was built in the 1800s but has been modernized in all the right places to create an authentic yet comfortable getaway. Shall we take a look inside?
The cabin looks amazing from the outside. The well-aged wood creates an attractive aesthetic that cannot be re-created in a modern construction. The snow and icicles paint a winter wonderland scene that is only for the brave, with average winter temperatures as low as 15 degrees Fahrenheit (-9.4 Celsius).
To counterbalance the extreme weather, the interior of the cabin is a cozy and warm space with simple, comfortable furniture.
The ample-sized floor plan is easily heated by the open wood-burning fire. It is an excellent centerpiece to the room, and the perfect place to gather as the night sets in.
This old-fashioned cabin benefits from some modern additions, including a sleek and clean stainless steel kitchen.
The kitchen has a modern oven, refrigerator and coffee maker. It is equipped with everything you need to prepare a meal.
While we love rustic cabins, a high-quality functioning kitchen can make life go much more smoothly than an older, antique cooking space.
The cabin includes a rustic dining set that has been simply decorated with old-fashioned candlestick holders, although you do have modern lighting above when you need more light.
The sleeping quarters in this rustic cabin are located in the loft space.
The cabin has three low-profile beds in the rafters, which is a bright space thanks to the whitewashed paneling.
The cabin's bathroom also benefits from modernization, creating a warm and clean space with simple functionality.
The bathroom includes a large walk-in shower.
Dual shower heads give you plenty of warm water exactly when and where you need it.
This is why you come: to explore a land not visited by most. Norway looks incredibly beautiful!
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