Marvel at the unbeatable circular living room inside this upscale log home

Once in a while, we come across a truly unique and special log home; Eagle Point by MossCreek is a work of rustic art which is unlike any other cabin we have ever seen. This alpine retreat is an architectural delight, with an interesting interweaving of wooden beams throughout. The home is furnished with gorgeous antiques which will surely inspire you for your own log cabin.
Located in the ski resort town of Big Sky, Montana, Eagle Point acts as an ideal base camp for access to Yellowstone National Park. Having said that, once you see the interior of this expansive, upscale log home, we don't think you'll ever want to leave. Shall we see if it matches the hype?
Eagle Point has a commanding presence in this cool mountain setting. The home combines wood, stone, and glass to create an alpine scene of perfection.
First impressions of this house are very strong, with a jaw-dropping interplay of wooden beams in the intricately-designed ceiling. The home is finished with the finest materials throughout, including gorgeous hardwood floors and an assertive central two-sided fireplace.
As we step to the other side of the fireplace, we can see how the curved wall of the living room creates outstanding panoramic views of the mountains.
This cozy scene is perfect for moments of quiet reflection with the added bonus of warmth from the central fire.​
Looking back into the main living area, we notice how big the room is. There is ample space for a large designated sitting area with robust leather sofas and a sizeable dining set, which is perfect for formal dinner parties.​
Taking a look at the dining area, we can see how the house is decorated with gorgeous antique furniture which gives this home a classic, timeless feel.​
As we move into the kitchen, we find more antique furnishings and another dining set which is more casual than the main dining room.​
The kitchen is finished to the exceptional standards we would expect to find in a log home of this standard. High-end stainless steel appliances make cooking here a pleasure, while the large island and plentiful cabinetry complete this winner of a kitchen.​
Still on the main floor, we find a cozy study which is heated by its own wood-burning fire. The use of stone to define the room makes it a retreat within a retreat, while the glass partitions maintain the open feel of the house.
As we transition to the lower level of the house, we find a cozy second sitting space which features an attractive stone bar - perfect for entertaining friends and family.
While the upper level is finished with wood floors throughout, the lower level is carpeted to provide insulation against the fresh mountain weather. It creates a cozy environment and is the perfect place for warm and inviting bedrooms.
The lower level also has a curved wall of glass to enjoy the scenic views of the surrounding mountains. Another wood-burning fire ensures you are always toasty warm in this expansive wooden palace.
The master bathroom is a clean white space which is furnished with a colossal designer double-basin vanity unit. The numerous windows ensure this white space is bright and light.
These upscale log homes always have an addition which we did not expect; an indoor hot tub is a clever choice for a mountain home. Nice!
We really love this log home; it is like nothing we have seen before. What do you think?
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