See the breathtaking antique library inside this secluded rustic cabin

What an attractive sight this cabin makes! Sitting alone in green fields, with shady trees all around, it looks like an old cabin from settlement times. In fact, that is the way it is designed - to be a return to the simpler, more traditional log cabins with timeless floor plans.
The Smith Project by StoneMill Log & Timber Homes is a wonderful re-imagining of a classic log home design. This wooden home maintains all the heart and soul of a rustic woodland retreat, yet is constructed with the expert craft of contemporary builders. Sounds good? Let's go.
The front-porch culture of the United States came from log homes. There is nothing more satisfying than relaxing outside your house, king of your castle, surveyor of all around.
This ample-sized cabin has a cozy and inviting interior with a comfortable sitting space. The antique furniture fits in well with the overall theme of a cabin from the past.
The kitchen is a delightful blend of modern and rustic, featuring a tile surface with vibrant tones. The simple shelving and basin sink are nice, basic features, while the modern appliances make this a functioning space for a family.
This cabin has a gorgeous antiquated library in the loft space. The large writing desk would be a particularly welcome addition in my own life, while the chance to work among those books and in those leather sofas? I'll take it.
The four-poster bed looks like something out of a country bedroom. It's gorgeous. The use of soft furnishings work well with the natural light, contrasting nicely with the rough wood. What an inviting place to sleep!
The bathroom is expertly finished with a commanding built-in stone shower and a vintage clawfoot bathtub. You know what? The 18th century isn't starting to look all that bad.
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