Escape from the daily stress in a peaceful countryside cabin with the coziest interior

When you think of a cabin, you typically think of warm woods, seclusion, and coziness. Well, this Texas property has all of that plus some extra charm and luxuries that will surprise you.
Inside, you're greeted by the wooden walls you love and expect out of a cabin, as well as wonderfully whimsical and seemingly handcrafted furniture. There's a fireplace inside to keep you nice and toasty, and outside you can choose to warm up next to the fire pit or in the hot tub! Hard choice, right?
Take the tour of this amazing little property and see all it has to offer.
We can't get enough of those knotty wood walls and the furniture to match. That bed frame is truly a work of art, and we love how unique the natural wood shape of the head and footboards are.
From here you also get a look at how nice and open this space is. That means you don't feel cramped, and that on those chilly nights the warm air coming from the fireplace is going to keep this entire cabin nice and toasty warm.
From this side of the cabin, you get a look at the big beautiful windows that are on every wall of this cabin. These windows look out onto the 10 acres of farm the property is located on - so you can be sure to have some privacy out here.
The living space opens right up into the kitchen which is small, but has everything you'll need. There's even a beautiful little dining set tucked right up next to the window so you can soak in more of those amazing views.
Along with a firepit to kick back and relax around there's this amazing hot tub! It looks like you can squeeze about four people in this one, but we bet you'll want to keep that all to yourself - and we wouldn't blame you.
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