Cozy up inside wintry Sugar Magnolia and its soul-warming old-fashioned décor

From the outside, this little cabin looks adorable but small — really small. The interior surprises you, though, with a creative use of space and cozy corners that you'll just love curling up in.
When you're not out exploring the wilderness just past the front porch, you'll probably be whipping up a meal in the modern kitchen and relishing those moments of dining with your family in the nook or curling up in the loft with a good book. This home may be short on space, but it makes up for it with character and thriftiness. Take the tour of the little Sugar Magnolia cabin and see for yourself.
This cabin doesn't feel all that small, and that's partly due to the lofty ceilings. Bright white paint on the walls and ceilings keeps the space feeling open. Touches of natural wood in the beadboard and floor make for the cabin style beloved by so many people.
Off the kitchen is this charming little nook by the window. Cool blues and grays contrast with the warm wood, giving this space a clean, open and modern feel.
By day, you can sit in this window-lit corner and be engrossed in your favorite book. By night, you can read by the lamp and unwind with a glass of wine.
Next to the reading nook is the first bedroom. It might look like a tight space, but that's a queen-sized bed in there. This cozy corner feels open with white walls and the window overhead.
At the top is the loft, which also boasts a queen-sized bed. Kids are guaranteed to love their own secluded space that overlooks the entire cabin. Here, you also can get a glimpse at the great attention to detail the designers have put into this home. These fish and trees carved into the banister resemble the home's natural surroundings. What a beautiful touch!
Blue Moon Rising, a vacation rental property in Deep Creep Lake, Maryland, was founded by Lisa M. Jan in 2008 and features more than a dozen cabins available for rental, including the Sugar Magnolia here.
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