Check out this Japanese log cabin's strikingly unique interior – the doorways are a big surprise

As we approach this contemporary log cabin, it appears no different to the many other wooden homes we've seen throughout rural America. The robust construction of solid logs, generous deck areas, and over-sized roof combine to paint a picture which is not altogether dissimilar to our eyes.
Having said that, this log cabin is not like the typical retreats in America, it isn't even in America, but constructed by Canadian Pride of Karuizawa, Japan.
This Japanese House is much different to what we are used to seeing, the distinction being made on the inside, once we step through the front door. Do you want to see what makes this home special? Step this way...
This rustic retreat looks spectacular when lit up in the twilight. The cabin is an airy, bright space during the daytime and effortlessly transforms into a cozy place to retire at night.
The interior of the cabin is bejeweled with different types of wood all around, including commanding frames of rough, untreated lumber. The rooms are separated by wide oval doorways which apportion each room while maintaining the open feel.
Here we can see how the interior walls clearly define the rooms and how the spacious doorways allow the light and air to circulate through the house.
The woodwork within this home shows outstanding craftsmanship, with many ornate treatments creating attractive rustic features.
The house cleverly transitions from cozy rooms with low ceilings to a double-height living space with a soaring roof.
The upstairs of the cabin is a peaceful retreat which captures the best of the natural light.
Looks familiar from the outside, but we certainly were not expecting that interior!
These oval doorways are the perfect way to define rooms yet maintain the open feel. We are inspired, are you? Comment and SHARE on Facebook.
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