Enjoy the quirky vintage décor and impressive ceilings in this charming cabin

The simplicity of a log cabin lifestyle is rooted in the ancient Greek philosophy of Stoicism: A belief in living in harmony with nature, free from the distractions of desire.
Almost accidentally, this lifestyle was adopted by the United States of America, where the forefathers of settlement times naturally lived a peaceful existence without trinkets, connected to the awesome might of the ever-abundant countryside of the U.S.
Listed on Airbnb, the Workshop offers a simple return to a rustic cabin lifestyle. Located in historic El Dorado of Diamond Springs, CA, this quaint cabin sits in a beautiful nature area on the doorstep of the Eldorado National Forest.
The interior of the cabin is small but perfectly formed, giving each separate area plenty of space to breathe. The decor is a symphony of custom woodwork detailing and cool vintage finds. Nice!
The sitting area is denoted by the rug, hosting a couple of cute chairs and a coffee table. The lounge area is simple and relaxing, just the way it should be.
The brilliant white cabinetry of the kitchen contrasts beautifully with the rustic log walls. It doesn't look at all out of place – in fact, it is much better than the dark and dingy offerings in some older cabins.
The Workshop has a well-proportioned floor plan where the eclectic decor doesn't make it feel cluttered. Next to the kitchen, there is ample room for a kitsch dining table.
The cabin has a studio floor plan, with a queen-sized bed adjacent to the sitting area. The high ceiling creates a vertical space which gives the illusion of a floor plan larger than the actual square footage.
There are cute quirks and oddities all throughout the Workshop.
While the interior is a delight, here is where you will spend most of your time: chilling out on the deck. It is perfect for outdoor dining or just hanging out.
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