Check out the unbeatable kitchen in this log home that's perfect for whole family

When we tip towards the upper end of the log home scale, we find a "no expense spared" attitude which has created the gorgeous and totally valid style of interior design - rustic chic.
The 54200HU log home plan listed on Architectural Designs is an outstanding example of a very large wood-and-stone cabin boasting state-of-the-art fixtures.
The enormous mountain home encapsulates 4,208 square feet of internal living space; features four master suites, a huge bonus room, and an expansive terrace with a built-in spa. Let's take a look around...
The large log home has an attached three-car garage and a commanding entrance with a nice balance of wood and stone. The numerous gabled roofs give the house attractive external character.
The warm, inviting living room is well-lit from windows on two levels. The sitting area feels cozy due to the comfy sofas and footstools. Imagine gathering around the fire at night with your loved ones; a good log home makes even the simple times feel so much more meaningful.
This outstanding home has so much floor space, every room can breathe. The open dining room has a lot of natural light from the glass doors. The expansive terrace out back means the decision to dine indoors or outdoors can be made on a whim.
The dark stain to the cabinetry is the real gem of this kitchen. The rich tones in the wood contrast perfectly with the dark hardwood floors and the eclectic tiling. Finished with high-end stainless steel appliances, the sleek function of the cooking space is superb.
The floor plan includes four master suites, two of which are located on the ground floor and have access to the outdoor terrace.
All of the bedrooms are served by their own bathroom. Look how amazing this one is; the finishes are exquisite!
The built-in shower and tub are expertly crafted. The design features stand out in every inch of this upscale home. Check out that faucet!
The oversized floor plan allows for large vanities built from high-end materials. Nice.
Even the laundry room has the quality of finishes we have seen throughout this exciting log home.
If you are interested in learning more about this floor plan, explore the top-down view below.
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