Step inside an upscale rustic home – its staircase is worthy of a museum

While the log cabin lifestyle is often about a simple living space set in a beautiful natural area, I do love to look at log homes which are at the elite end of the scale. It's great to see the features and standards which can be achieved when the rustic theme is applied to a larger project by imaginative architects.
Today we are going to take a tour around Foxtail Residence which was constructed by Teton Heritage Builders. This enormous wooden palace is a conglomeration of reclaimed materials to create a high-end log home which has gorgeous rustic features throughout. Foxtail Residence was designed by Faure Halvorsen Architects and built with rough-hewn wood and handcrafted stone, it even includes a guest house and a lookout tower. Shall we take a look around?
The use of reclaimed materials gives the cabin an aged, rustic appearance. The rear of the house has a spacious deck with a firepit. I could easily see myself sitting there in the evening, quietly enjoying the peaceful scenery, king of my wooden palace!
Upon entering the house, I was immediately blown away by the sheer number of attractive features this home has. It seems like every inch of this house has rustic elements to catch the eye. I love the way the commanding fireplace melts into the staircase. Gorgeous!
No surprise the kitchen is state-of-the-art. When looking at this level of log home, every detail is carefully thought out and expertly executed. This large room has plenty of space to prepare a meal and includes a built-in dining set.
The master bedroom is a cozy and inviting space to retire to at the end of the night. The darker tones give a stronger sense of seclusion, while the stone fireplace will give ample warmth during the winter months.
The master bathroom is equally as delightful as the rest of the house. The fixtures and fittings are exquisitely designed yet are bold and powerful. The rugged stone surround on the bathtub is a solid anchor to the room.
Foxtail residence has a generous loft space which has been utilized as a second sitting area. I can imagine sitting here with my friends, telling jokes and laughing, as the sky slowly transitions from day to night.
Foxtail Residence includes guest quarters which would please just about anyone. This gorgeous retreat-within-a-retreat is a wonderful place to house your friends and family. They may never want to leave!
Outdoor space is a must for all log homes, and Foxtail Residence has it in abundance. Of particular interest is the lookout tower, which commands a 360-degree view of the hills, mountains, and valleys. I don't think it gets much better than this.
Unfortunately, a home like this will only ever be a dream for many of us, but what a dream! If you like this log home, SHARE it with your friends on Facebook.

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