Welcome to the wilderness: Explore this rustic no-nonsense log cabin

This log cabin looks like a postcard of the idyllic woodland retreat lifestyle. So inviting. The open front porch and well-aged wood gives this cabin a timeless appearance and invokes images of where America's association with log cabins began all those years ago. I could happily pass the days on that front porch.
Listed for sale on Zillow, this lovely cabin is located in Sevierville, TN. It has an ample-sized floor plan with approximately 780 square feet (72.5 square meters) of living space, one bedroom, one bathroom, and around 3.5 acres of gorgeous woodland.
Do you want to see what it is like to live here? Let's take a tour.
What an expression of rural America. The front porch is the first image which springs to mind when thinking about living in the wilderness. This deck even has rocking chairs.
While the outside of the house has an attractive rustic style, inside we find a cozier, more functional design. The stone fireplace will effortlessly heat this quaint cabin.
Despite the smaller floor plan, the house feels spacious and roomy. The high ceiling creates an open space for the air to circulate.
Often a log cabin is a recreational getaway. The owners here have included a pool table and a chessboard table. I love playing – I could spend many rainy days entertained here.
The open-concept living room includes this inviting kitchen. It is modern and functional yet maintains an attractive country style.
This ample-sized cabin is really only for two people, and so a simple dining set works just fine. The glass doors lead to the spacious decking area.
The winding staircase leads to the loft space. The area underneath is ideal for a washer and a dryer.
In the loft, we find the master bedroom. Although small in size, it comfortably houses a queen-sized bed. In a cabin, a bedroom is often just the place to sleep. This inviting room looks like a pleasant and cozy place to retire at the end of a long, satisfying day.
Attached to the master bedroom is the second bathroom, the other located on the ground floor. Both conveniently include bathtubs.
What a special treat. I do enjoy time relaxing on the deck, but with a hot tub? That's next level tranquility!
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