Take a peek inside one of the most original cabins – it's a masterpiece of craftsmanship

Many of us like to dip our toe into the water of log cabin living by first exploring the possibilities through vacation rentals. It seems like a gentle introduction to the bare-naked lifestyle of a wooden retreat - an opportunity to try the rustic lifestyle before you fully commit to it by purchasing your own cabin.
In the modern world of internet vacation rentals, Airbnb has risen to the top as the go-to place for finding something a little different to a regular hotel. So what does it take to rise to the top of the Airbnb listings? Well, today we shall find out. The Mushroom Dome Cabin is the number one rental on Airbnb. It is a quirky getaway with a unique geodesic dome roof which will certainly have an impact on your lifestyle. Shall we find out what it is all about?
What a cute little cabin! It's so intriguing. I love the individual character it has from the outside, and I just have to see what it is like once you step through the front door.
Located in a gorgeous forest in Aptos, California, the Mushroom Dome Cabin has a generous deck area where you can truly immerse yourself in your surroundings.
The cabin has a simple interior with a comfortable sofa, an ample-sized kitchen, a loft bedroom, and a full bathroom.
The height of the cabin ensures plenty of fresh air and light enter the house and give the illusion of a living space which is larger than the actual footprint.
The cabin is designed with intelligent space-saving elements which maximize the smaller floorplan. The cute kitchen has enough room to prepare a meal without dominating the living space.
The bathroom in the Mushroom Dome Cabin is surprisingly spacious for such a quaint home.
It includes a walk-in shower which benefits from a skylight.
The bedroom is located in the loft space. It has enough room to house a queen-sized bed but little more. A bedroom in a log cabin is often just a place to sleep. This is a cozy and inviting room to retire to at the end of the day.
What makes this cabin really special is the unique dome-shaped roof. It creates something a little different to other cabins, where this large window gives views of the forest and the stars in the night's sky.
While the interior of this home is fantastically unique, coming to a log cabin is often about enjoying the outdoors. I could see myself spending hours out on this deck, just waiting to benefit from my hungriest friend lighting the barbecue.
Oh, and if you are staying here, say hi to the neighbors!
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