Step back in time by touring a historic 1800s cabin – its bathroom is a classic treat

While modern design and construction techniques mean there are some amazing contemporary log cabins available on the market, it is often the historic wooden retreats which stir our sense of wonder.
Today we are going to explore a timeless log cabin which hearkens back to days of old - to settlement days - when America first began its long-standing love affair with the log cabin lifestyle.
Built in 1815, this rustic wooden retreat is listed as a vacation rental on Airbnb. It is a simple living space with a bedroom in the loft; however, the distressed rustic elements which are present throughout this home are what make it stand out from all the others. Care to take a look inside?
The cabin sits in a natural field with a surround of gorgeous trees in rural Weaverville, North Carolina. From the outside, it looks exactly like a homestead from settlement times - beautiful!
Stepping inside, we find a quirky and eclectic living room filled with vintage furniture giving a sense of bygone days.
The kitchen is decorated in a distressed style, with vintage-chic cabinetry and appliances.
A modern oven adds a sense of functionality to the room, while the antique sink and 1950's refrigerator are a delight.
The ground floor includes a dining set and a writing desk - perfect for those who want to unplug from the modern world and find inspiration in nature.
The cabin has one bedroom, which is situated in the loft. It is accessed by a ladder from the main living room.
The distressed furniture and decorations are prevalent in the bedroom, with a charming rustic theme throughout.
The cabin's bathroom is located on the ground floor and includes this delightful claw foot bathtub.
Stepping back outside, we complete our tour. The large screened porch to the rear is the perfect space to enjoy the quiet of day transitioning to night.
Imagine waking up to this scene!
We love the weathered look of this cabin, both inside and outside. Is this your kind of thing? Let us know, and don't forget to SHARE this with your friends on Facebook!
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