Step inside an idyllic countryside home – you'll want to stay in the bathroom forever

Just steps from a lake, and on a private compound complete with an in-ground pool and tennis courts, this Illinois A-frame is a beautiful rustic retreat with modern amenities. You might not ever need to leave the area, but there's also Volo Bog State Park just around the corner for adventuring.
This cabin comes complete with a fireplace, and open living plan. There's big cozy furniture to snuggle on, an abundance of beautifully woven rugs, and a modernly updated kitchen and master suite. This two-bedroom A-frame is a perfect retreat for family, friends, or both.
The inside of this A-frame is cozy and picturesque. You can just see yourself snuggling on the couch while your friends and family sit around the fireplace and chat.
The space opens right up to the dining room, and kitchen just past that. There's plenty of seating to gather all your guests for a great home cooked meal.
We also love how while there is a TV, it's not the centerpiece of the entire living space. The owners have tucked it over in the corner by an armchair so if you want to sit back and relax you can, but it's not the first thing to do when you come back.
The kitchen is plenty big and covered in rich wood. There's ample counter space, beautiful cabinets, and updated appliances. Plus, there's a gas range and a full sized oven. ​
This A-frame has a master suite tucked in the corner making this room cozy, secluded, and quiet. Surrounded by warm wood walls, a plush woven rug, and fresh linens, you're sure to get a great night's rest here.
The master is a master suite. Attached is a big beautiful bathroom that has a giant vanity and this luxurious soaker tub. This is a perfect spot to just lay back and relax.
Tucked in the loft is a queen sized bed and two twins pushed together so you can easily sleep up to four people. Plus, the loft is going to trap all that incredible warmth from the fireplace downstairs in the winter months.
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