Tour a colorful upscale log home: The rustic fireplace is all you need

While we love the back-to-basics lifestyle of log homes, sometimes we want a little more comfort than some cabins offer. Yes, we still want the rustic elements which so perfectly complement the outdoors lifestyle, but a sprinkling of modern functionality is always a welcomed addition.
Today we are going to explore an upscale vacation rental cabin which perfectly balances rustic features with contemporary functionality. Located in 40 acres of woodland in beautiful Wisconsin, this attractive cabin boasts sweeping panoramic views of relaxing woodlands. Care to take the tour?
The exterior of the cabin is an attractive sight, showing a solid construction built from whole logs.
Surrounded by an abundance of vibrant green fields and hills, this is the perfect place to escape from the city and unwind amongst nature.
As we approach the house, we find a two-storey construction with a large front deck. Shall we take a look inside?
Inside the cabin, our first impressions are drawn to the abundance of beautiful wood. Little decoration is required, as the rich tones of the light-colored wood are the main theme of the house.
No log cabin would be complete without a cozy fire to gather around during the evening. This attractive stone fireplace is a delightful centerpiece of the house.
The main living area has an open concept, with plenty of space for a sitting room, kitchen, and dining area.
The dining area occupies a corner of the room which benefits from large windows to offer a woodland panorama.
The double-height ceiling ensures plenty of fresh air circulates around the cabin, while numerous windows invite the natural light into your home-away-from-home.
Sliding glass doors create a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. The large deck area boasts stunning views and includes a barbecue grill.
The master bedroom is an inviting sleeping space which is decorated with the robust furniture which looks great in a wooden retreat. Inviting!
The loft space is a retreat-within-a-retreat. This quiet space is perfect for those who enjoy a little alone time with a good book.
This upscale cabin combines rustic elements with modern functionality. Is it your cup of tea? Why not SHARE this tour with your friends on Facebook?​

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