Discover a rustic cabin in the mountains – the living room is gorgeously detailed

For many of us, our first taste of the log cabin lifestyle comes in the form of a vacation rental. It can almost act as a "try before you buy," giving you the chance to experience rustic living before taking the plunge to build your own cabin.
Today we are going to tour a gorgeous cabin located in Big Sur. Listed on Airbnb, this beautiful home is surrounded by one of the most stunning nature areas in the United States. It offers one bedroom, one bathroom, and a large terrace which overlooks the valley. Sounds great right? Let's have a walk around...
First impressions of this rustic cabin are very strong, with eye-catching detail in the wooden exterior showing a building which has aged beautifully in its natural surroundings.
Taking a look at the cabin from the side, we can see how the deck offers nearly as much outdoor living space as indoor living space. Perfect for enjoying the great outdoors.
The views from this rustic retreat are outstanding, and while it may appear that you are completely cut off from everything, it is surprisingly easy to access everything one could need to complement your vacation.
So, shall we take a look inside?
The quality of finishes is evident as soon as we enter the cabin. Hardwood floors, large windows, and rustic furniture combine to create the interior which perfectly complements the surroundings - nice!
The cabin has a simple floor plan with one bedroom and one bathroom.
Much like the rest of the cabin, the bedroom is awash with natural light. The large windows and whitewashed walls brighten the living space while the high ceiling allows plenty of air to circulate.
The bathroom is an ample-sized wash space which is finished with attractive fittings.
While the interior is a delight in itself, it is the deck area which is the jewel of this crown. A peaceful space with awe-inspiring views, what more could you want?
After spending an afternoon here, I think it might be impossible to leave!
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