Visit this colorful A-frame in the woods – its bathroom is the height of luxury

Painted emerald green, this A-frame shines like a gem amidst the forest surrounding it. The classic design has been upgraded with modern design features that make this home a one of a kind. You won't believe your eyes when you step inside.
With warm walls the color of deep, golden honey, this space feels both lofty and cozy. The beautiful wooden walls are also a stunning contrast to the leafy green trees that loom just outside those massive windows.
Looking directly into the space you see how big this A-frame really is. There's room for a giant dining room table, and a big beautiful couch to curl up on next to that retro wood burning fireplace.
The kitchen is pretty wide open to the space, but the designers have placed a bookshelf in the center to separate it from the rest of the home. This feature is totally unique, and a stunning design element.
Up in the loft a beautiful bedroom is tucked away. Even though the bedroom is up in the top of the A-frame, this space feels quite open - the big beautiful windows that flank all three walls help bring in tons of natural light.
This home truly has it all. This master bathroom with a big glass, steam shower is the ideal spot to wash away the day before curling up in bed or down by the fireplace. ​
Finally, the deck. This outdoor living space is not only large, it arguably has the best view in the house. This deck is a great spot to watch the sun fade below the treetops, or enjoy a hot cup of coffee as the forest comes to life at dawn.
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