Visit a 672-square-foot cabin in the woods: The living room is a total dream

Nestled by the shores of Ross Lake, Ontario, this perfect cabin really does have it all. From its amazing views of the lush forest surrounding it to the lakeside views visible from the cabin, you'll wonder where this home has been all your life!
If you want to escape the drudgery of the city or just reconnect with your more natural side, this is the place to do it. The cabin comes with everything you could ever want, including a large, spacious deck, so you'll definitely be able to handle any gathering you may imagine. It's also great for just relaxing and reading a book on!​
Also included, and almost more importantly, is your very own private dock! Imagine buying a small canoe or kayak out onto the lake whenever you want! With a private dock like this, access to the lake becomes trivial.
Moving inside, the cabin boasts fresh, giant windows that really open up the feeling of the home, allowing in huge amounts of natural lighting, also with great views of the water.
The cabin is very roomy and feels spacious. This is definitely not one of those dimly-lit and claustrophobic nightmares you see often!
The centerpiece of the room is a brilliant wood stove that looks very vintage and authentic. It's almost as if you've stepped into the past when you stay here!
The kitchen is large enough to make any modern dwelling jealous and the dining area is ample enough to service a group and host a party easily. The modern, full-sized appliances make meal preparation a breeze!
No expenses are spared either -- the custom cabinetry in the kitchen is a really nice touch and adds a great deal of charm to the home.
The bedrooms are cozy and economical, but certainly able to provide a great night's rest in comfort, especially the guest bedroom with its bright windows and generous space.
The master bedroom is much larger and easily provides space for a larger bed and a walk-in closet. Truly, this home really isn't much different than living in a house in the city!
The bathroom is full-sized and contains everything you could want -- this is definitely not some tiny bathroom with barely enough room to do anything. With a full sized bathtub/shower combination and more than enough room to move around, you'll be completely content with its size.
It's not every day that a home like this comes onto the market -- from its perfect views and location to its brilliant design and features, this truly is the cream of the crop when it comes to cabin living. Not to mention the private dock to boot!
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