Take a tour of a 3-bedroom cabin with huge kitchen and incredible views

It's hard nowadays to find properties that truly have everything you could want, but this cabin at Hoodoo Bay in Ontario really provides it all! From the perfect, manicured lawn (that's also gigantic!) to the great views of the bay, you'll never be lacking for beautiful nature!
Of course, if you want to go out on the water, you'll be glad to notice that you have your very own private dock. Imagine going to the end to fish, or just with a deck chair to watch the waves -- not to mention being able to cruise around on your own boat whenever you want!
The deck outside the cabin is also quite generous with its space and provides great views of the lake. Imagine entertaining your guests out on this lovely space.
Inside, we're immediately charmed by the rustic interior, fully furnished, and boasting a great wood-stove in the center of the room. Imagine burning a fire and curling up next to it every night!
The kitchen is very large and holds full-sized, stainless-steel appliances, leaving you feel just as luxurious as any home ever could. The size is absolutely wonderful and anyone could easily see themselves making all kinds of meals in this space, for as many people as they may want!
The dining area is quaint and positioned next to some really breathtaking views through the large windows. The open space concept of the entire room is very great to see.
The bedrooms are comfortable and can easily provide for the needs of whoever wants to sleep in them. The natural light filtering in from the large windows is a great added benefit.
This is definitely the dream cabin for anyone looking for a little slice of paradise. Not only does it have breathtaking views of the wonderful land its surrounded by, it provides you with all the tools necessary to really live it up! From the private dock to the great deck, be prepared for all your friends asking if they can visit you all the time.
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