Lakeside cabin features everything you could need – and it sleeps up to 10

This beautiful house on the waterfront in Elgin, Ontario is the perfect location to relax and rest. Whether you're looking at somewhere for retirement or simply a place to spend some time in peace, quiet and nature, you could do far worse than a spectacular location like this!
With a very generous lot size that also overlooks the beautiful lake, this location is perfect for giving you the reflective and meditative space necessary for a completely relaxing vacation. With all the perks this particular cabin boasts, you may not want to leave!​
We start with the attached and roofed deck/sunroom area near the front of the house. This is an ideal location to read a great book or simply chat with friends on a warm day.
Inside, the cabin is very cozy and the natural hard wood flooring provides a great touch. It would definitely be easy to curl up in front of that TV and forget all your troubles!
The wood-burning stove in the corner is the perfect way to warm the house, prepare drinks and watch with a loved one.
The kitchen is the perfect size and much bigger than anyone would expect -- you could prepare anything you wanted in here for any number of guests, no problem!
The guest bedroom is very reasonably sized with a great bed and full window that lets all that beautiful natural light in to wake you up gently in the morning.
The master bedroom is as nice as the guest, but seemingly better in every way! The large bed, the huge windows and the massive space will ensure your comfort.
The bathroom is full-sized, so you're missing out on nothing. There isn't any compromise needed for comfort in this cabin!
Out in the back, a small guest house is ready for anyone who can't fit in the main cabin, or simply a space for someone who wants a little alone time.
The inside is quite nice and easily fits a comfortable bed. This seems like a great place to give a friend or two to spend the night!
Further down the property, you have your own private dock! Imagine cruising around on the lake with a power boat, or getting your exercise by rowing every day!
This cabin has so many great qualities, any one of which would make any house a dream come true. From the guest house, deck and waterfront view to the private dock and trees surrounding you, you'll be hard pressed to find another place as nice as this!
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