Come visit a cabin with incredible views. The living room has a fun surprise

Tucked away into the side of Lake Merwin, Washington, this great cabin boasts brilliant views that you would pay top dollar to see at any other venue, while also being the perfect spot to relax and enjoy yourself as you get rid of all that city stress.
This wonderful cabin is a great size and has all kinds of great features that most homes don't! So not only are you going to enjoy your stay near a beautiful lake, but you'll love all the comforts of this luxury home. This truly is a place you can call home!
View the beautiful landscape through the huge windows in the living room! Not only is this space large and comfortable, but entertaining guests in this room is easy with all the great scenes.
Being able to see the rolling hills and mountains in the distance is absolutely breathtaking!
Of course, one of the most interesting -- and fun! -- features of this home is the bar! Off in the corner of the living room, you'll be able to fix drinks and serve all kinds of creations to your friends and family.
The cabin also comes with a great storage space above! This area could easily double as another bedroom, or simply store all the things you may need on a summer holiday.
The bathroom is economical and refurbished, so not only do you have all the amenities you need to feel comfortable, you'll also enjoy all the new fixtures and tiling!
The kitchen's countertops are similar to the bathroom's, and the space features everything you could need for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Out in the back, the house boasts a patio area with seating and entertaining space to hold all kinds of great BBQs and get-togethers.
It even has a small shed off to the side to store anything you could need from grills to deck chairs! The storage capacity of this cabin is a sight to behold.
This home is definitely an absolute dream waiting to be realized for the right person. This idyllic location is easily one of the best you'd ever get and the privacy you'll receive from the woods around you is hard to beat.
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