953-square-foot cabin in the woods has enough space for 4 bedrooms

It isn't every day you find a home in such a beautiful location. Nestled in the gorgeous mountains of Mt. Hood, Oregon, this is a dream spot to get away from the craziness of the city to unwind and relax. The cabin is located on a prime piece of land in the middle of a lush forest and isn't it absolutely beautiful?
The relaxation afforded by this space can't be understated and it really is the perfect escape from the rigors of the everyday. Mt. Hood's forests are dense and vast, providing a great opportunity to explore and hike at your leisure. Not to mention the fact that you are far away from most civilization.
The interior of the cabin is spacious and very cozy, providing the maximum amount of comfort around the beautiful stone fireplace. Imagine curling up around this during a chilly night!
The kitchen wonderfully utilizes its space and fits very compactly into the side of the house. It is quite large and perfect for any gathering you could want to host, or simply when you make food for the family!
The full-sized appliances are a great touch as well!
With all the windows surrounding the dining room, you'll constantly be able to enjoy the great views of the forest even while you're eating. That dinner table is classic and beautiful!
The four bedrooms around the cabin are quaint and economical while still not skimping on privacy and comfort. This double-bed guest room is a great example of a perfect room to give to the kids or the friends that come and stay for the weekend.
The master is much more generous with its space and lighting and will be sure to give you a great night's sleep.
Upstairs, we have a lofted attic area with more bedrooms and more great picture windows that let in all the light.
And not to mention gives direct access to a great balcony that can entertain anyone, or just serve to help you relax in the sun!
This cabin is a dream nestled in the lush forest of Oregon, ready to help you relax and reconnect with nature. The trickling stream nearby is just one of many features you'll absolutely love to get acquainted with as you stay in this perfect home.
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