Take a look inside this perfect lakefront cabin. Its elaborate stove is worth it alone

This amazing property located on the banks of Southwest and Second Southwest Ponds in Maine, is an absolute dream come true.  Not only is it right next to the water with a brilliant view, it comes with 32 acres of beautiful wooded land and a second bunkhouse for any guests that decide to stay over.  Failing that, you could convert the bunkhouse to serve any kind of need you may want!  
It's very rare that any property would come with so many options so close to nature this beautiful.  What an absolute steal!  The area is perfectly located away from the city and any other prying eyes, to give you the maximum amount of privacy and solitude.  This truly is the getaway of getaways.
The main cabin's deck is a perfect space for barbecues or simple relaxation and provides a great view of the forest.
Inside, the cabin boasts a large living space with a great fireplace that really brings the room together.
The kitchen is a great size and has a lot of open room to move around in, and it also boasts a great, unique feature:
An authentic wood-burning stove, for rich and hearty meals!
The bedrooms are quaint and perfectly compact, offering comfort to anyone that stays the night.  The bright windows keep the room very light and open and are a pleasure to wake up to in the morning.
Although they are both around the same size, they are still perfectly serviceable and provide the maximum amount of comfort for the cabin.
Next is the bunkhouse in the back – the perfect size for setting up guests in their very own living quarters, or for converting it into a studio or anything else your imagination may come up with!
It is almost another entire living space all by itself!  It comes equipped with a kitchenette and a fire stove as well, offering complete comfort for the guests that stay with you.
What do you think you would get up to in a place like this, with so many options and beautiful sights to see? Would you explore the landscape and find out all the great spots? Would you keep the bunkhouse for guests or convert it into something new? Tell us all about it and Like and Share this post on Facebook!
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