Admire this great cabin in the woods and fall in love with its multiple bedrooms

Nestled right on the border of Alberta and British Columbia, this beautiful wood cabin in Columbia Lake, B.C., is just the place to go if you want to get away from it all, while still being close enough to cities like Banff and Cranbrook that your needs can be easily and readily satisfied.  You won't long for much while staying in this idyllic locale.
The plot is a generous acre and flush with a great lawn, while still being surrounded by enough trees and forest for a great deal of privacy. This location is perfect for summer outings with the friends and family and still a dream for a white winter. It's really hard to find better than this for all your outdoors needs!
The inside boasts an ample and cozy living room that is the perfect size for relaxing after a nice hike, or even just suntanning on the deck. With all the privacy you'll ever need from the location, the calm tranquility of the living space will easily comfort the soul.
Also included is a fireplace to snuggle up to on those cold nights, providing comfort and warmth all night long.
The kitchen is reasonably sized and fitted with full-sized appliances that will easily cater to however many guests and family members you may need to feed.  The vintage appliances are a great touch to this comfortable home.
Next is the guest bedroom, and what a great little size it is!  It perfectly serves for two guests or children and if you took out the twin beds for a double or queen, could easily serve as a much more significant sleeping space.
The master bedroom is perfect, with more than enough room for a very comfortable bed, and the natural lighting from the nearby window is hard to beat.
This great home would serve as anyone's dream getaway from the rigors of city living, enabling anyone to live a more quiet, simple life. The forests surrounding the land are exquisite and encourage anyone to go exploring. 
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