This sunlit cabin is the perfect intro to the rustic lifestyle – and it sleeps up to 5

For those who are not quite fully immersed in the log home lifestyle, a vacation rental can be a good tentative first step into the world of wooden retreats. A simple cabin in the woods can represent a fantastic holiday for a family, with little distractions but the quiet of nature, it can often bring you closer together in a simple and honest way.
This beachfront cabin in Smokey Hollow Campground offers the perfect taste of the outdoors lifestyle, with direct access to a swimming pond with plenty of fun activities. The cabin is a simple living space with two bunk beds which can easily sleep a family of five. It includes a covered porch, a picnic table, and a charcoal grill for outdoors dining. Shall we wander around?
This rustic wooden cabin has a large porch which is 5-feet deep (1.52-meters). It is a picturesque place to shade during the hot afternoon.
The log cabin lifestyle is about outdoors living, and this cute cabin comes complete with a barbecue grill and a picnic table.
The cabin is finished with attractive wood, which is a constant reminder of the natural setting. The quaint retreat has two bunk beds, one of which includes a full-sized mattress.
The kitchenette is useful for drinks and simple meals. The majority of cooking is done in the glorious great outdoors.
A sturdy table and chairs is great for indoors dining or games.
Smokey Hollow Campground is located in the gorgeous woodlands of rural Wisconsin.
These beachfront cabins open out directly to the glistening swimming pond. The gorgeous woodland surround is great for exploring nature.
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