Tour this award-winning designer cabin – you'll love how open a home can be

When considering a cabin in the countryside, we often yearn for a space which is linked to the great outdoors. We don't want a wooden home which is shut away from the enviroment, but a floor plan which complements the surrounding landscape, and makes one feel like they are constantly connected to nature.
Today we are going to explore a unique and interesting structure which was designed by French architects, Jean-Baptiste Barache & Sihem Lamine. This award-winning cabin has four sliding glass doors which open the building to the elements, giving a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor space. 
This simple-yet-modern wooden retreat covers just 840 square feet (78 square meters) of living space. It benefits from intelligent contemporary design to create a cabin getaway like no other. This one is special.
You can see how this contemporary cabin opens up at the front to truly invite the great outdoors into your home.
Two sliding doors on the front of the house feature frosted glass to create privacy.
This clever cabin features the same sliding glass doors on both sides of the house, giving the owner the option of a 180-degree panorama.
As we arrive at the front of the house, you can see how the simple space is laid out. The comfortable living room is on the left, whilst the kitchen and dining area are on the right.
Inside the house, we can begin to see the benefit of this design. Whilst it looks a little strange from the outside, you can see how the large openings create a fantastic living space.
The sliding doors feature a clear glass center with a frosted glass surround. It means the home still benefits from great natural light whilst giving the owners a high level of privacy.
The kitchen in this designer home is a clean space, finished in brilliant white throughout. The appliances are concealed within the cabinetry, creating a sleek and stylish cooking space.
You can see how the clear glass panel creates a beautiful picture when seated at the dining table.
The bedroom is a simple space to rest. The sliding glass door gives access to the side of the house.
Looking at the side of the building, we can see how open this home can be.
If you want a little further information, feel free to explore the floor plan in more detail.
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