Explore the home with incredible views. Its multiple fireplaces are amazing

A log home's location is one of the most important factors when it comes to the desired outdoors cabin lifestyle. Whilst the living space is very important, it is to complement the often spectacular locations within which these retreats are placed. Modern log homes are fantastic at capturing the views, with generous porches, soaring ceilings, and towering walls of windows.
Today we are going to take a tour of Fayette Ranch, located in Wyoming. The home features views of the expansive open fields and hills synonymous with rural America's farmlands. Constructed by Teton Heritage Builders, this larger log home is a sophisticated amalgamation of log and stonework, featuring stunning full-arch barrel trusses throughout. 
The interior is beautiful. The views are awe-inspiring. Shall we take a look?
This awesome log home oozes quality right from the first impression. It is a robust and attractive construction, built from the finest materials.
An arched truss frames the entrance to the home and acts as a taste of the quality we will find inside...
Fayette Ranch has a grandiose great room which is a wonder to behold. The room is very spacious with a cathedral ceiling jeweled by arched logs, and a sensational lake view from the soaring wall of windows.
The great room includes a monolithic fireplace which dominates the center of the home. It is constructed with attractive stone and serves to make this large space feel cozy.
The beautiful kitchen is finished with a gorgeous tone of wood in the abundant cabinetry. High-end appliances make this country kitchen a pleasure to cook in, whilst the gothic cooker surround is a delightful natural decoration.
Whilst many modern log homes feature open floor plans, Fayette Ranch has more of a traditional approach, including a separate room for dining. This large room is not just a place to eat, it is the perfect space to host a dinner party.
The master bedroom in Fayette Ranch is a spacious place to sleep and can easily house the large, rugged furniture which always looks great in a log home. Again, the use of stone in the fireplace is a wonderful feature.
A quiet, second living room offers a cozy space for those who like to enjoy the peace of rural cabin living.
Fayette Ranch is an example of the standards which can be achieved when building with wood. The quality is evident throughout, it offers everything we could ever wish for in a log home retreat.
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