Explore this rustic cabin – the lake views from the bedroom windows are divine

A rustic log cabin can be the perfect way to escape the pace and pressures of the city. A back-to-basics lifestyle in a simple cabin retreat can soon slow your tempo, and the gorgeous natural surroundings can make you forget all the problems of city life.
Log cabins are often located in the wilderness, far from the big city, as the ultimate retreat from the metropolis. But this log cabin — listed on Airbnb — is located in the heart of Seattle, Washington. Despite the picturesque setting, this wooded retreat is only a 15-minute drive from Seattle's downtown. 
The cabin has an enchanting woodland setting with direct access to glistening Haller Lake. Shall we take a look around?
This small cabin has a lot of charm when viewed from the outside. Unique characteristics give life to this retreat, starting with the large upstairs window from the light-filled bedroom with a view of these lush grounds.
The house sits in a well-manicured garden with tall trees all around.
At the bottom of the garden is a relaxing terrace with views of the lake. You can fish from the dock or enjoy an afternoon in a canoe.
Inside the cabin is an open-plan living room, decorated with a tasteful combination of wood and stone. 
The wood-burning fireplace is a dominant feature of the living space and decoratively anchors the whole room.
This gorgeous antique stove will easily heat the small cabin.
The open living room includes a small dining table and a kitchenette.
Breakfast with a view!
The kitchenette unit is ideal for preparing drinks and simple meals.
The logs lining the walls of the cabin have homey rustic accents, requiring little decoration.
The upstairs bedroom features this comfy oversized chair, with panoramic views of the lake. Lovely!
The cozy bedroom is an inviting place to sleep.
The bathroom features this awesome stone-tiled shower, giving you a huge wash space.
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