Discover this woodland log home – the kitchen perfectly balances rustic and chic

One of the best things about log homes is their individual nature. Although they can be constructed using the same floor plan, it is very rare to find two log homes which look exactly the same, as each house tends to be tailored to meet the specific needs, wants, and tastes of the owner.
Today we are going to explore a delightfully appointed log home - the Sebec by Katahdin Cedar Log Homes. Interestingly, we have explored this floor plan in a previous article – however, if you take the tour you will see how very different these two customized versions of the same model are. Let's stroll around the property...
As we approach the house, we see a solid log construction with a robust approach to rural living. The floor plan covers just 1,400 square feet, but appears much larger from the outside - nice!
The rear of the house enjoys a good elevation, with plenty of deck space to enjoy the views. Isn't that what the log home lifestyle is all about?
The main room in Sebec is on the upper floor, benefiting from the fresh air of a cathedral ceiling and the natural light from a wall of windows.
The Sebec is a cool blend of attractive materials combining to create a desirable living space. The large stone fireplace is a solid anchor to the main living area of the house.
The country-style kitchen is located on the ground floor and represents the best of rustic design with contemporary functionality. The use of wood throughout reminds you of exactly where you are, while the modern appliances make meal preparation a simple and enjoyable task.
The main living room has a designated dining area which benefits from 180-degree panoramic views.
Looking down from upstairs, we can see how the room is awash with attractive wooden features. The beams are particularly pleasing and the room requires little further decoration.
The Sebec has two bedrooms - the master on the ground floor and the guest bedroom on the first floor. The master bedroom has fantastic natural light and quick access to the abundant deck area.
While smaller than the master bedroom, the second bedroom benefits from the raised ceiling to give the illusion of being larger than the actual footprint.
The Sebec has a well-lit loft space which is open to the main living room below. These are often the perfect places for quiet contemplation, the owners in this example opting for a second sitting room.
Log homes can be altered to suit the needs of the owners. In this example, they chose a family room, meaning the main living area can be used in a more formal capacity.
The Sebec has two bathrooms - one on the ground floor and one on the first floor. Both have ample space and are finished to the high standards we have seen throughout this well-appointed wooden retreat.
Outdoor sitting space is a necessity for any log home enthusiast. The multiple large deck areas mean you can find the perfect corner to suit your location.​
Can you see what a difference there is between these two constructions? Fantastic. We love how you can alter a log home to express your unique individuality.
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